Sunday Perfection!

You know what tastes good?


Kuro has a delicious stack of pancakes available for Lazy Sunday. Come to the Kuro Store, get some pancakes for $75L, and start your Sunday right.

Kuro - Breakfast pancakes


Next To You at Shiny Shabby

Shiny Shabby opens Monday, and Kuro has a gorgeous set for sale. The set includes seating for two, and more than enough umbrellas to keep you shady!

The chairs are colour change, as are the umbrellas. Get your set, and enjoy the day sitting by yourself in the shade, or with a loved one.

See you at Shiny Shabby!

Kuro - Next to you chair


Renovation Excitement – And a SALE!

Hi everybody!

Exciting news! Luana has spent the whole week renovating the Kuro store, and when she finished, she said “I’m taking a rest!”

So while she’s taking her well-deserved break, I put the gift card machine at 50% off! So come on down, stock up on gift cards for birthdays, holidays and Christmas… or just use it yourself to get the whole store for less! And take your time to look around, Luana would love everyone to enjoy the new store, since she worked so hard on it.


The Kuro Renovation Gift Card Sale will run July 9th to July 12th.

And don’t worry, I didn’t actually put the gift cards on sale without Luana’s knowledge! She did it, and I’m the one telling everyone about it.  – Billy

ROMPing with Wavie

The latest round of ROMP is here, don’t be shy, head on down to ROMP to get your naughty on!

We have desks and office chairs that are called Wavie, a guest chair called Haller, and a lamp for the desk. Each item is sold individually (in PG or ADULT), so mix and match however works for your decor.  AND IT’S ALL 30% OFF during ROMP!

rompKuro - Wavie desk (black)Kuro - Haller chair (Adult Kuro - Haller chair (PG) Kuro - Wavie belted chair (brown) Adult Kuro - Wavie belted chair (brown) PG Kuro - Wavie belted chair (grey) Adult Kuro - Wavie belted chair (grey) PG Kuro - Wavie belted chair (worn) Adult Kuro - Wavie belter chair (worn) PG Kuro - Wavie desk (black) Adult  Kuro - Wavie desk (brown) Adult Kuro - Wavie desk (brown)

Kuro - Boy lamp

Spring Table Set for MIX

Hi again everyone!
Kuro is participating in a new Event called MIX. With this event, you can use a HUD to teleport from one mainstore to the next, and avoid the crowds.

For the July MIX event, Kuro is offering a fun Spring Table set. Pop into the Kuro store, look for the MIX sign, and grad your HUD from the sign to continue your shopping with MIX. After you’ve picked up the Spring Table of course!

Kuro - Spring table set